Hunters and dancing bears! – Interactive You-Tube clips

5 10 2010

 Are Marketers aware of how much potential lies in producing a you-tube video? Do you know of the benefits in you-tube and how to create brand awarensees?  The article written by Parfeni  disucssed the very popular hunter shoots the bear you tube video. Now let’s look at some facts of this campaign. Tipp-ex is a correction fluid (whiteout) product which may not be as exiting as other brands out or not a web product. The Tipp-ex approach is very creative and unique, humours and is certainly guaranteed to get passed onto friends. Tipp-ex have thought outside the box and created a viral campaign by using a clip of a man hunting for a bear, the ad is much more interesting and I suggest you check it out here the ad only lasts for 30 seconds but are addictive!  Read the rest of this entry »