Holden and women getting creative online!

19 10 2010

Holden have developed a social media campaign, using Facebook, targeted at young female drivers for the launch of their new car Barina Spark.  The campaign is simple but effective and goes to show that they have defined their customer persona; they know who their customer is and what she wants. Holden have involved a team of fashion designers, celebrities such as Netballers and Australian’s next top model Judge, Charlotte Dawson as well as using media channels of you-tube and Facebook.

This campaign is the largest digital and social media campaign to promote the new range of smaller cars. The campaign was launched by Charlotte Dawson at the Australian International Motor Show. Charlotte along with the other celebrities have created their own design and there is a tutorial with clear instruction on how to design your Barina on you-tube.

The campaign has a clear call-to-action and a clear value message. The nine brands that are supporting the campaign are both engaging and will assist to reach out to Holden’s new target group.

 This is a well thought out strategy to enhance customer engagement and another example of an effective interactive campaign. Basically people can use the advanced web technology to create and design their very own and unique Barina. People are able to share their creations on twitter and Facebook and the competition winner will be voted on line with a panel of judges. Holden says the campaign was designed to attract the fashion conscious Gen Y customer base.

Holden has applied the theory which Chaffey et. al discusses and they have taken a successful approach to implementing a CRM. Chaffey mentions the following points in implementing a CRM and I have conducted an analysis below:

Stage 1: Attract new and existing customers to site

Holden has achieved this by highlighting the value proposition of the website and of the campaign. There is a fortnightly prize incentive together with the overall winners prize a brand new Holden Barina! If it was necessary this campaign can be built into existing marketing activities to attract another segment in the market.

Stage 2: Incentivise visitors to action

What girl doesn’t like to be creative and how appealing to design your own car, while being unique and individual? Chaffey mentions that in this stage Holden need to move from using the Internet in a pull mode, to Holden using the internet in a push mode through email and traditional direct mail communications.

Stage 3: Capture customer information to maintain relationship  

In stage three of eh design process users are prompted to register their details and name their car design. There is a privacy policy and terms and conditions which can be viewed by the entrant.

Stage 4: Maintain online dialogue using offline communication

Holden captures email address, first name and surname with an option field included to fill out your postal address details. So it is assumed that Holden will continue the offline communication

I must admit this is quite fun – if you have a spare moment check out designerspark.com.au




2 responses

20 10 2010

I like the concept that Holden is trying to pursue here, it seems like the major car manufacturers have been slow to move on the opportunities that are available to them on digital media. Does anyone else agree with this?

Setting up an online design competition that targets a specific market segment is an innovative way of building up a meaningful database for the Barina Spark. The design of the competition may also assist Holden’s designers pick up on emerging trends or preferences for colours and relevant accessories for this group. Linking these individual design preferences with personalised follow up email communication could facilitate a really powerful one-to-one marketing channel.

20 10 2010

Thank you for your comments. I agree with you that car manfactureres have been slow to move with digtal media opportunities. A perfect example is the Ford website for such a well known brand it is not very user friendly at all. I was really impressed with this concept and agree that this will be a way for them to have a competitive advantage over other small cars with emerging trends in design.

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