Hunters and dancing bears! – Interactive You-Tube clips

5 10 2010

 Are Marketers aware of how much potential lies in producing a you-tube video? Do you know of the benefits in you-tube and how to create brand awarensees?  The article written by Parfeni  disucssed the very popular hunter shoots the bear you tube video. Now let’s look at some facts of this campaign. Tipp-ex is a correction fluid (whiteout) product which may not be as exiting as other brands out or not a web product. The Tipp-ex approach is very creative and unique, humours and is certainly guaranteed to get passed onto friends. Tipp-ex have thought outside the box and created a viral campaign by using a clip of a man hunting for a bear, the ad is much more interesting and I suggest you check it out here the ad only lasts for 30 seconds but are addictive! The ad is an interactive video recently launched by you-tube a first time for users to create their own ads. The ad starts off in a forest setting with a bear and a hunter the words “A hunter shoots the bear” appear in the search like box above the video. I have to admit at first I turned away and was enraged with the cruelty that was going to be shown. In the next slide the hunter seems to jump out of the screen saying “I don’t want to shoot a bear” and the user can select whether he should shoot the bear or not. Personally I was most relived and was quite happy to continue watching knowing that if I said no it would be fine. Amazingly the hunter reaches over the you-tube video to pick up the Tipp-ex whiteout and using the Tipp-ex he deletes the word “shoots” and invites you to type in what you with would like to see the bear and the hunter do.

The box above the video reads “A hunter                       a bear” and the viewer are able to type in any action that they would like to see.

This is a very clever campaign as the product it self is not that exciting however being able to type in different actions such as a “Hunter hugs a bear” can fulfil the user with much joy. There are over 50 actions, including yes you guessed it you can watch the hunter and the bear humping – I wonder how many people out there have typed this in!

This campaign will and continue to be discussed online and offline and more and more people are likely to become aware and interact with this campaign, therefore promoting brand awareness of Tipp-ex. Its interesting that when you google Tipp-ex it brings up articles and related blogs for the Hunter and the Bear.  This concept is similar to the Will it Blend case study (Chaffey The Tipp-ex campaign has a Facebook page as well “Hunter vs Bear” including lots of images of them in various poses. Currently they have over 17,000 friends and the clip has been viewed over 26 million times and has over 10 million uploads – not a bad reach is it?! This is a great example that you don’t have to be a big company with a huge marketing budget to get a good result. What do you think of this campaign? Would you pass it on to friends? I have, enjoy as it’s not everyday you get to see a Hunter and a bear dancing or a hunter tickling a bear now is it? Sadly as I am posting this blog the link has become inactive – hopefully it will be up and running shotlry and you can expereice the you-tube interactive video too!




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