14 storeys of fun on an EDM

14 09 2010


Beach Park is the largest waterpark in Latin America, Digital agency Pmweb have developed this EDM to give you the feeling of flying down this waterslide. The EDM features a giant 14 storey drop water slide from the Waterpark newest attraction “Insano” water slide.

 The execution of this EDM has been effective in some ways and not so effective in other ways. Firstly, it certainly captures the attention of the audience, has a clear message and value proposition. There is clear branding on the EDM however there isn’t a direct link to their website or a clear call-to-action.

For someone who has a fear of heights this EDM may not be as effective and could bring on a sense of vertigo or a headache perhaps. It is very fun and may appear to the generation y rather then the baby boomers. Do you think they have successfully reached their target market?

I personally am afraid of heights and initially this EDM gave me a feeling of falling down 14 storeys of stairs. It wasn’t until we reached the bottom that I made the connection that there was a waterslide in Latin America involved.

The EDM is quite large to download and unfortunately copy isn’t as powerful as the image and the overall effect it has on the consumer.

This EDM is an interesting concept and people will most likely forward it onto their contacts hereby creating a viral marketing affect. In Chaffey et al. the main digital campaign measures to see the affect of this strategy include the following:

Traffic Building goals: An EDM is used to drive traffic and quality visitors to the organisations website. This campaign builds awareness and makes mention of the new waterpark, however it doesn’t have a link through to their website to increase the traffic.

 Conversion of engagement goals: Using onsite communication to deliver an effective message to the consumer – In my opinion this EDM delivers a very clear message to the consumer to visit the waterpark and to experience the 14 storey waterslide. It has a sense of fun and entertainment attached to the message which will ultimately drive people to experience this ride for them.

Third party site reach goals: It is not clear from this EDM if the piece reaches, influences and engages with customers on third party sites such as news and magazines and social portals.

Multi Channel marketing goals: It is not apparent from this EDM if all communication methods have been integrated. Further analysis with the organisation wouldn’t certainly assist in determining this.

While it seems that the EDM piece hasn’t achieved Chaffey et al. Al campaign measures it has certainly created a sense of excitement in those who view the ad and has perhaps made someone stop and look up from their PC screen to take a few moments to think about being in Latin America, getting away from a winter and taking the plunge on the waterslide.

Do you think they have executed this campaign effectively? What recommendations would you make to improve the reach?





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