iPhone 4 glitch still not fixed

31 08 2010

Apple iPhone 4 users are reporting that a problem the company’s chief executive, Steve Jobs, pledged to fix in the next software update has not been fixed.

The glitch concerns the iPhone 4’s proximity sensor, which is supposed to turn off the display when it is placed against a user’s face but which has not been working.

The sensor is meant to detect when the phone is held up to the ear so that it can turn the screen off to stop the keypad from being pressed during calls, but users have reported it does not work, causing calls to be ended. It also leaves other buttons on the screen vulnerable to being accidentally pressed, causing annoying beeps.

Last month Mr Jobs was forced to speak to the media on another problem involving the signal strength of the phone’s antenna. He said the sensor problem would be fixed in the next software update. But while that update fixed a security vulnerability it did not fix the sensor.

Apple Australia spokeswoman Fiona Martin acknowledged the company had yet to fix the problem




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31 08 2010

woooo we are famous

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